Swimming w/Friends is Fun ... Sharing lanes is more fun that you think!

Hi swimmers,

Some of you are swimming, some are not. This email is for both of you.
Those that have gotten out of the habit ... come back. You know you felt better when you swam ... with us ... muscles stretched out, pushed yourself with a workout beside friends (more than when you swim alone), you're really clean after workout. OK ... so you got a little tired, but you slept better (either at work :-))) or at night at home :-))) ) ... and you got used to it and you weren't tired, you just slept better, felt better.

It's hard to build habits ... we understand ... and your coaches don't care if you need a little time to get back into it (that's what we're here for ... we've been there too). Please come back.

If you're still swimming ... bring your friends. You know how good it feels. It's warm, Pukalani's clear again, Sakamoto's clear and warm still ... weather's nice, it's summer, you want to look good and be in shape when you go to the beach or come on a Sunday swim. So do your friends a favor ... and do yourself a favor - it's always funerer to swim with a friend. Forward this to an ex-swimmer you know. Bring a friend or ex-swimmer back to practice.

Why? Better for you. Better for them. And your coaches will be too busy coaching the newer swimmers to pick on you to go faster every repeat ;-)

And ... ahhhhh ... it's that time of year with beautiful sunrises and sunsets for both morning and evening swimmers during workout.